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Enjoy the healing traditions of India at Massage Lewes in central Lewes, East Sussex with 10% off your first treatment…

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Ayurvedic Marma Massage (Pressure Points)

90 minutes £65 (first treatment £60)

60 minutes £50 (first treatment £45)

This treatment involves a full body massage with warm tridoshic oil and the gentle stimulation of marma points. It nourishes the body’s resources and helps the flow of vital energy. Removing blockages from the marma points gives physical and psychological relaxation as well as strength and stability. The 90 minute treatment includes a full head and face massage whereas the 60 minute treatment finishes at the feet.

Chavutti Thirumal (Traditional Keralan Marma Massage)

90 minutes £70

Chavutti Thirumal treatments involve a full body massage with warm tridoshic oil and are performed by the practitioner using their hands and feet. Long sweeping movements gently stimulate the skin and marma whilst balancing and deeply relaxing the body. This is an excellent treatment for increasing flexibility and bringing an awareness to movement and energy patterns within the body. Try it to believe it!

Ayurvedic Head and Face Massage

30 minutes £25

Particularly calming for stressed out and buzzing heads. This deeply relaxing and rejuvenating treatment gently releases tension around the eyes, jaw, neck and temples. A combination of vigorous and soothing techniques allow the facial muscles and blood vessels to contract and flood with vitality. An invigorating Ayurvedic face and head oil adds to the healthy glow and nourishes your skin for hours afterwards.

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Rejuvenate in a meditative environment with a healing treatment, featuring singing bowls, followed by a glass of purifying homemade Ayurvedic tea. Conveniently located in the heart of Lewes, East Sussex.

We have comprehensive practitioner insurance, and a long experience of Traditional Indian Massage.

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