“A wonderful grounding and stimulating experience. Lucy is very confident and sensitive with her massage, she is calm and radiates love. I would not hesitate to recommend these treatments they are excellent.”
Suzie – 90 min Ayurvedic Marma Massage


“After visiting Massage Lewes I am left feeling like I have just come back from lying on a beach or having done yoga for a week, light, loose and totally relaxed with heaps of energy and a great outlook on life. I always feel that every part of me is nourished, both body and mind something that other massages never did. Chavutti Thirumal is like being gently steam ironed…brilliant! I feel really lucky to have found Lucy whose techniques are worth more than gold.”
Charlie – 90 min Chavutti Thirumal


“Simply wonderful experience… My partner and I had the good fortune of getting an Ayurvedic Massage with Lucy in Lewes last week and it was just wonderful. We each arrived to a calming yet uplifting atmosphere in Lucy’s room at The Hive in Lewes and were greeted by her calm and gentle manner which puts you at your ease immediately. The massage follows and is a complete experience nourishing all the senses and delivered in the confident and assured way that comes from real expertise. It left us both calm, relaxed and uplifted… thank you so much, Lucy. We’ll be back…”
Simon & Dawn – 90 min Ayurvedic Marma Massage


“I received a flyer for Massage Lewes and, seeing the discount, thought I’d give it a go. It was well worth it – actually even at full price it’s pretty reasonable. The masseuse is amazing – strong, calm and intuitive – she got the pressure exactly right all the way through, and I came away feeling really calm and energized, and the next day my sore shoulder was gone. Lovely space, right in the middle of Lewes but nice and quiet inside, and I was give some unbelievable tea afterwards which was the cherry on the cake. Definitely going back!”
Tomas – 60 min Ayurvedic Marma Massage